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How OpenStax Textbooks are Making Teaching and Learning Easier?

How OpenStax Textbooks are Making Teaching and Learning Easier? OpenStax is a publisher that publishes openly licensed, free textbooks. It has been publishing school and college textbooks since 2012. However, its predecessor Connexions has been around since 1999! This publisher provides free, openly licensed, and peer-reviewed textbooks. Besides, it delivers cutting-edge educational solutions for instructors. Teachers and professors use OpenStax’s solutions to improve students’ learning experience. This publisher has collaborated with many colleges and universities

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Can I Get Caught Using Test Banks?

Can I Get Caught Using Test Banks? It is quite easy to find test banks for any course and subject. You can buy test banks for your favorite textbooks at an affordable price. Is it okay to use test banks for exam preparation? Are you cheating if you use test banks to find important questions? Yes, you should use test banks to prepare for the exam and it is not cheating! Some people may say

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why professors don't want you to use test banks

Why Professors Don’t Want You to Use Test Banks?

There was a time when students relied on teachers and professors to speed up their exam preparation. Students used to queue up in front of the educator’s office to resolve their issues and get additional aid. That era has gone because technology has empowered all the students. Now, students decide which book to read and which method to follow for exam preparation. The test bank has become the best source of important questions. Students use

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