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How OpenStax Textbooks are Making Teaching and Learning Easier?

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How OpenStax Textbooks are Making Teaching and Learning Easier?

OpenStax is a publisher that publishes openly licensed, free textbooks. It has been publishing school and college textbooks since 2012. However, its predecessor Connexions has been around since 1999!

This publisher provides free, openly licensed, and peer-reviewed textbooks. Besides, it delivers cutting-edge educational solutions for instructors. Teachers and professors use OpenStax’s solutions to improve students’ learning experience.

This publisher has collaborated with many colleges and universities to provide more open educational resources. This publisher is on a mission to develop and deliver educational material for everyone.

Continue reading to learn more about OpenStax and how its textbooks are making the learning process much easier.

Why OpenStax Has Become So Famous?

OpenStax is quite popular due to the following reasons:

  • Free textbooks for instructors and students

Being a mission-oriented organization, OpenStax aims to increase educational access through its services. This publisher is on a mission to make educational materials readily accessible for everyone.

All the textbooks featured in the OpenStax library are available for free. Students and educators can use those textbooks without spending any penny from their pocket. Many students choose this publisher’s books because they cannot afford expensive books offered by other publishers. OpenStax ensures that lack of money never becomes a reason for the lack of education.

OpenStax predecessor Connexions became one of the leading open source platforms to access educational materials. It invited educators from around the world to share their ideas, provide new educational materials, and publish educational stuff. OpenStax has developed more innovative ways to deliver educational materials across the country.

  • High-quality open educational resources

OpenStax published its very first textbook in 2012. Its library has significantly expanded since 2012 and now it incorporates over 45 textbooks. It is a special library of textbooks because:

  • Students, teachers, and independent learners can access those textbooks for free!

  • Field experts have co-authored those textbooks

  • All books are peer-reviewed

  • This publisher frequently updates content in those textbooks

  • All books have gone through a rigorous editorial process

  • Textbooks are OER licensed

  • All textbooks can be remixed, revised, and redistributed to meet students/educators’ demands.

You will get OpenStax textbooks in various formats. You can pick a format that helps you in learning faster. You can get textbooks in PDF, free online, and affordable printed formats.

  • Additional teaching resources 

Teachers and professors get a variety of teaching resources for all textbooks. There are course cartridges, test banks, and other resources to plan a perfect learning experience for students. OpenStax makes teaching extremely simple and effective for teachers.

All educators can create a free OpenStax instructor account to access all the teaching resources for textbooks. Once the account is active, educators can download textbooks, teaching resources, and other materials for free.

  • Offering access to cutting-edge educational technology

This organization has collaborated with more than 75 educational tech companies to develop cutting-edge educational tools. Both students and educators can access those tools to learn/teach efficiently. All OpenStax Allies believe in this organization’s mission and provide the latest tech solutions to make learning easier.

This publisher launched OpenStax Tech Scout in 2020 to make it easier to find the right Ed Tech tool. Educators can use this new feature to search and filter results quickly and find the best books for teaching.

  • The OpenStax community is growing pretty fast! 

Over 39,000 educators are using educational resources offered by OpenStax to teach students. This organization has helped more than 20 million students. It has saved more than $1.7 billion by offering free textbooks since it started serving!

Teachers and students from all over the world use educational resources provided by OpenStax. It has become a hub for sharing knowledge, improving educational material, and sharing free educational stuff with students. That’s why OpenStax textbooks have become quite popular among students and educators.

The Most Popular OpenStax Textbooks 

The following OpenStax textbooks are recommended by educators in many schools and colleges:





OpenStax has published many editions of its famous textbooks. It continues to add more textbooks to its library to offer more free educational materials. This organization is competing with the leading publishers across the globe.

It is distributing free educational materials to help everyone learn and grow. Therefore, many reputed universities recommend OpenStax textbooks and prepare question papers based on those textbooks. You should switch to textbooks published by this publisher right now if you also want to access free learning materials created by experts in your field.

Are Test Banks Available for All OpenStax Textbooks?

If your educators are using OpenStax textbooks for your course, they will use a test bank to prepare the question paper. This publisher creates test banks and shares them with educators to help them prepare the best question paper.

Independent learners and students who got limited time to prepare for the exams should use test banks. Yes, test banks are available for all the published textbooks. You can buy and download the latest test bank for the selected textbooks right now!

What is a Test Bank?

A test bank is a collection of important questions. Experts, who co-author the textbook, prepare a wide range of questions to test students’ knowledge. Those questions may or may not be available in the end-of-the-chapter exercises.

If you want to accelerate exam preparation, you should access the test bank. It will keep you focused on important questions. You won’t waste time on unimportant topics, chapters, and questions when you got a question bank. Thus, it will help you score better marks on college tests and university exams.

If you believe regular exam preparation methods won’t help you improve your performance, you should get the test bank right now!

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