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Why Professors Don’t Want You to Use Test Banks?

why professors don't want you to use test banks

There was a time when students relied on teachers and professors to speed up their exam preparation. Students used to queue up in front of the educator’s office to resolve their issues and get additional aid. That era has gone because technology has empowered all the students.

Now, students decide which book to read and which method to follow for exam preparation. The test bank has become the best source of important questions. Students use this tool to stay focused on selected questions and professors certainly don’t like it!

So, why professors don’t want you to use test banks? What do they find inappropriate about using test banks for exam preparation? Should you listen to your professors or continue the use of test banks? Let’s find out!

Do professors use test banks?

There is no doubt that professors use test banks or question banks. They rely on this material to prepare tests for students. It is appropriate for them because they can easily find important questions related to covered topics.

Educators used to keep this material limited to them. They didn’t want students to find a simpler way of passing tests and exams. Students know that it is extremely tough to cover entire topics. Therefore, they could not gain impressive grades in the past unless they study 12-18 hours.

That’s not the case anymore! Now, any student can buy test bank to shortlist and prepare the most important questions. It cuts the study time and allows students to partake in extra-curriculum activities. That’s what professors hate the most!

Is it okay to rely completely on test banks?

You can find a perfect book to learn all the topics related to your subject. The world’s leading scientists, professors, and researchers work on these books to train the new generation. Therefore, it is not okay to rely only on test banks and answer guides.

Students should use test banks only to find important questions. We offer solutions manual, but it is just for reference. You should use books to gain detailed knowledge of the topic. Test banks or question banks have a collection of important questions. Use those questions to stay focused and better utilize your time.

There is no need to reveal what material you use to prepare for exams. Some lazy professors won’t give you enough attention to help you improve your grades. So, use test banks, gain good marks and move ahead.

What perks come with test banks?

Experts recommend question banks when it comes to managing and organizing questions. You will continue to jot down questions as they appear at the end of the topic. These questions slowly become unmanageable and it gets quite daunting to recognize important ones. Test banks resolve this problem by offering a well-organized selection of questions.

The following benefits make test banks extremely essential for every student!

  • It saves time!

Many students get serious when just a few months are remaining for the main test. A few months are not enough to cover the entire curriculum. Suppose you are preparing on your own, it will be pretty tough to spot important questions. You may end up with less important topics and miss some crucial topics due to lack of time.

Question banks or test banks offer selected questions from each chapter. These are questions that frequently appeared in exams or tests. Even professors use those questions to prepare occasional tests. You can save your time by preparing those questions and still perform great.

  • No risk of missing important topics!

Many students do not know which topics are important. They continue studying the entire textbook and many topics remain uncovered when they take the exam. Your approach is wrong if you also follow the same method! You should mark important topics to prepare them at least a month before the test.

Use test banks from the beginning of the semester to know which topics are going to help you bag maximum marks. Smart students follow this approach so that they can utilize their time in a better way. Your professor won’t suggest this approach because thus you won’t find other topics interesting.

  • Quick improvements

You will continue to perform better if you always check the test bank and solutions manual before opening a new chapter. Mark out topics that matter the most. Thus, you can ask the professor to describe and explain those topics better.

Your professor may find such requests irritating, but it is his/her job to meet your demands. Never get afraid of using test banks and other exam preparation materials that help you save time and improve faster. Every person follows a different method and you have the freedom to do whatever makes your preparation easier.

  • Self-evaluation

This website is providing test banks for textbooks used in science, commerce, biology, and other courses. Those test banks are way more affordable than the expensive tuition fees students pay to tutors.

If you are using the test bank, you will always be aware of what you have covered and what is missing. It keeps you vigilant and helps you assess your performance before you take the test. If there is the risk of poor performance, you will work harder to grasp more knowledge.

It won’t make a big difference if the professor scolds you for the same reason. You will get serious when you know your preparation is not good. Test banks make students realize this thing within a few minutes when they check questions!

What is the biggest difference a student can make with the help of a test bank?

Suppose you are an average student, you can hope to gain A+ with the help of test banks! Many students took advantage of this new exam preparation material. That impressive grade was like a miracle for those students because they weren’t that prepared!

If you prepare a selected but important question, you can repeat this miracle time and again. Therefore, test banks are quite useful and every student must use them for exam preparation.

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